TSKgel« columns are chromatography columns for the analysis, isolation and purification of biomolecules.
They are an ideal choice for a variety of applications for HPLC: size exclusion (SEC), reversed phase (RPC), hydrophobic interaction (HIC), ion exchange (IEC), hydrophilic interaction (HILIC) and Affinity chromatography (AFC). They are known worldwide for their dependability and reliability, TSKgel SW columns are the industry standard for SEC. TSKgel is based on spherical silica or polymeric resins and is provided as pre-packed columns or bulk media. Columns come in microbore analytical through preparative sizes, with particle sizes of column packings ranging from 2-22Ám. TSKgel bulk resins are available in 20 and 30Ám particle sizes for HIC and IEC. Analytical TSKgel PW series and Toyopearl production scale resins employ the same base resin chemistry. They display also the same chromatographic selectivity. A method developed on an analytical column may be scaled up with the corresponding bulk Toyopearl for process manufacturing with confidence.

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